Goal Setting Tips and Tricks

Goal Setting Tips and Tricks Goal Setting Tips and Tricks  If you have not done so already you know that this is the time of year that many people make resolutions and set goals for the rest of the year. If you are late in goal setting do not worry, there is no better time […]

Must Haves For Your New WFH Routines

Must Haves For Your New WFH Routines Many of us have been forced to change our schedules to accommodate the new normal of working from home. Even if you were previously working from home things are different now because, if you have a family with school aged children, everyone is at home. The individual days […]

Time to Face the New Normal

Time to Face the New Normal You can’t run away or ignore what is actually going on. You have to actually face it. To say that nothing is wrong or nothing has changed is a lie. This pandemic has affected us all. The key then is to actually allow yourself to feel what you feel. […]

Where is the Love?

 There comes a point in life where you have to look at yourself in the mirror (mirror moments) and decide if you like the person that is looking back at you. You absolutely need to love the person that you see in the mirror even if you don’t “like” what you see. You have to […]

Matters of Influence

Matters of Influence Significance is our ability to impact the lives of other people. A few weeks ago, I recorded a Dreamcatchers podcast episode talking about Better You 4U . We talked about is what happens when you are on the journey to becoming a better you. Transforming who you are has a tremendous effect […]

Being Present

Being Present There is something about being present in the moment that makes each of us feel very special. You feel the connection when someone else is in tune with you and you also feel like you are making a difference when you are in tune with someone else. Have you ever paid close attention […]

Significance is Success

Significance is Success There are not many people that I know who  don’t want to  be successful.  Success often shapes how we view ourselves.  The more success we have the better we tend to view ourselves.  We learn the feeling of success very early in life.  Success in most cases is tied closely to individual […]