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When you need more than a one size fits all approach.

Get Personal with Your Growth

Are you ready to take control of your business and stop letting your business run your life? Tired of the disappointment from letting your family and yourself down because you missed another important event? Your child’s first words, another missed dinner, another broken promise all in pursuit of success at work?

You did not become an engineer to spend most of your life behind a desk, administering projects, and not enjoying life. You deserve to build the career of your dreams and have a life that you love!

As a professional engineer, father, husband and business owner I know how it feels to be pulled in all directions. You know once you are on a path that change will not happen on its own. I guide my clients to their unique path for a balanced life, calling my two decades of experience as a leader in the private and public sector, building a career, the business of my dreams, and a life that I love.

Our Signature Executive coaching program equips you with the tools to run your business so that your business does not run your life. This program is specifically designed to address your individual needs. Each one-on-one session is 60-90 minutes and covers a wide array of topics including:

Successs Stories


Stop Living a Life That's Not Working For You

Do you feel like your business is running your life?

Take control and stop letting your business run your life, sign-up for coaching now!
Having difficulty setting boundaries between you work and professional life?
Learn to set boundaries, focus on what matters most, and create space for a life that you love.
Do you find yourself thinking, “You don’t understand, everything depends on me!”
Sign-up for coaching and learn strategies for dealing with the stress of having the world depend on you.
Do you feel that you never have time for yourself? Through our coaching program learn how self-care will improve your wellbeing and productivity.
Do you feel like you’re drifting without any real plan? A benefit to the one-on-one coaching program is that you design a personalized plan to engineer your success.

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Strengthen your mindset. With at home and succeed at work.

Ready to Start Thriving? Here's How:

1. Connect with James

Engineering for success begins with a conversation.

2. Engineer Your Success

Get started with either a workshop, group coaching or one-on-one executive coaching.

3. Live the Life You Love

You deserve to live a balanced life that you love.

Get More Out of the Leader Inside of You

Executive coaching for engineers to give you the work-life harmony and leadership development you need. Building a life where you win at work and home is hard. At Engineer Your Success, leaders learn high performing strategies so that they can win in both business and in life.
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