Welcome to Engineer Your Success, I’m your host Dr. James Bryant, a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach, and engineering professional who is passionate about your success in business and life. Whether you are an engineering leader or business owner, this is the right podcast for you! As a leader, you know firsthand that achieving work life balance can be hard.

Do you struggle with balancing between your personal and professional needs? I’m here to tell you, you did not have to choose between building the business of your dreams and enjoying life. This podcast will help you engineer your success by providing the tools, tips and techniques that will help you plan and design your balance in life.


Listen in and learn more about what you can expect from this show and how it will help you engineer success in YOUR life!

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Ep.71 – Taking That Next Step

In this episode, Don shares that many business owners struggle with this balance, leading to stress and a feeling of regret. However, this is not the case for those who are successful in both their professional and personal lives. Don provides tools…

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Ep.70 – A Life of Winning at Work and at Home

“One of the best ways for us to teach gratitude is to apply it in our life.” – Dr. James Bryant    In this episode of Engineer Your Success, James Bryant shares his story of how he found success in both his professional and personal…

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Ep. 69 – Finding Job Opportunities through Relationships with Randell Iwasaki

In this episode, civil engineer Randy Iwasaki shares his story of success in the private sector as well as tips for young people who are looking to follow in his footsteps. Randy Iwasaki is a successful engineer who has transitioned from the public…

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Ep. 68 – Raise the Bar Higher for Your Success with Ryan Rembert

When we show authentically and pour all our heart into our passion, we elevate those around us with our encouragement and influence. In this episode, Ryan Rembert shares his backstory and how he has leaned into being uncomfortable in order to make a…

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Ep. 67 – Retaining Diverse Talent in Corporate America with Michele Heyward

Nov 1, 2022   In this episode, Michele Heyward discusses her experience as a woman in the technology field. She discusses the numerous challenges in her career due to discrimination and stereotypes that she’s faced. Michelle also discusses her company, Positive Hire, which uses people analytics to connect black, Latina, and indigenous women who are scientists, engineers, or technology professionals with management roles. Listen as she explains how her company is working to help retain these talented individuals in the technology field.   Here’s a …

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Ep 66. Finding Your Own Story and Adding Value To Yourself

Welcome Back to Engineer Your Success Podcast with Dr. James Bryant! Susan Young is an award-winning story + speaker coach and the founder of “Get in Front Communications, Inc.” For 22 years, Susan has been teaching entrepreneurs how to boldly tell their stories so they have more visibility, impact, and clients. A former radio news reporter and on-air anchor for 10 years, Susan has interviewed everyone from homeless people to presidents. She also managed the Office of Radio & Television for New Jersey Governor Christine …

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Ep. 65 – Success On Ramp: Building Vision

Oct 18, 2022   Welcome to Engineer Your Success Podcast with Dr. James Bryant! Today we are going to listen to people that shared their vision board from an excerpt from Success on Ramp: Building Vision, with no further ado here, is Dr. James Bryant with Success on Ramp participants, Duron Chandler, Tanisha Pridgen, Sophearay Smith, and Benita Varnardo. [00:01 – 10:51] What is A Vision Board? Dr. James Bryan discusses the importance of having a vision and how it can help you achieve success …

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Ep. 64 – Success Principles through Communication and Interpersonal Skills with Sarah Banowetz

Oct 11, 2022 Welcome to Engineer Your Success Podcast with Dr. James Bryant! Today we are joined by  The one and only Sarah Banowetz! Sarah is the Founder and Managing Partner of Banowetz Marketing. Banowetz marketing helps small businesses see that their dreams become reality.  Banowetz marketing is a longtime sponsor of this podcast [00:31 – 08:51] Entrepreneur Sarah Bandit Shares How Her Ethiopian Influence Shaped Her Career Sarah Banowetz is an entrepreneur and mother of six children.  She credits her Ethiopian influence on who …

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