Ep, 110 – How to Become a more Effective Listener

Do you know if you’re an effective listener? Research suggests you’re probably only listening at 25% efficiency! 


Dive into this episode as Dr. James Brown unveils the secrets to genuinely effective listening and how mastering this skill can transform relationships and professional growth. Dr. James provides tips and tricks to improve your listening skills and build trust with those around you. Learn to limit distractions and listen to non-verbal cues like body language to make the speaker feel heard and understood. 


Tune in now to get the necessary tools to master your listening skills and foster positive relationships! 


[00:00 – 07:47] Opening Segment

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  • Most people think they are good listeners, but studies show that the average person listens at only 25% efficiency
  • Improving listening skills is vital for effective communication, error reduction, and team morale
  • Being a good listener helps foster trust and demonstrate concern for team members


[07:48 – 15:07] Reducing Conflict, Improving Relationships, and Enhancing Communication

  • Valuing people as individuals and listening to them effectively can help reduce interpersonal conflict
  • Everything needed to learn about communication in business and life can be learned from marriage
  • Effective listening involves actively absorbing information, showing the speaker they are being heard, and providing feedback
  • Body language is an integral part of effective communication


[15:08 – 24:58] The Do’s and Don’ts of a Conversation

  • Holding phones and looking away from each other is a sign of couples who have been together for some time
  • When communicating, be attentive and relaxed
  • Keep an open mind and approach the conversation with curiosity
  • Listen without judging or criticizing
  • Only impose solutions if asked
  • Interrupting people implies that what you have to say is more important


[24:59 – 26:03] Closing Segment

  • Final words from Dr. James



“It’s one thing to say that you must become a better listener. It’s another thing actually to start working on it to improve. We all have come up with the saying that action speaks louder than words, but your actions on improving your listening skills are the things that will help you improve those listening skills.” – Dr. James Brown 


“Effective listening is actively absorbing information while showing the speaker that you’re listening and engaged, then providing feedback that shows them that they’re heard.” – Dr. James Brown 


“When you interrupt people all the time, basically what you’re saying is that I’m more important. What I have to say is more interesting, more accurate, or more relevant.” – Dr. James Brown 

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