Ep. 127 – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


What cherished memories and traditions make the holiday season special for you? In this special episode, Dr. James Bryant asks listeners to call in and share their most meaningful Christmas memories and what they’re grateful for. Get ready to be filled with nostalgia and the holiday spirit as Dr. Bryant recounts his favorite childhood tradition and listeners reminisce about childhood magic. Tune your heart to gratitude, and let this episode spark ideas for creating meaningful memories with your own friends and family this Christmas.


[00:00 – 03:31] – Introduction & Gratitude from Dr. Bryant

  • Dr. Bryant welcomes listeners and shares what he’s grateful for

  • Reminisces about fond childhood memories 

  • Expresses gratitude for his relationships


[03:53 – 18:15] – Listener Holiday Memories

  • Listeners share favorite childhood traditions

  • Heartwarming stories of family time and hilarious mishaps 

  • Listeners express gratitude for family, friends and personal growth

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Key Quote:

“I am so grateful for family. Both blood and those that have been chosen over the years.”


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