Ep. 131 – 5 Proven Strategies to Boost Productivity and Beat Burnout

In this episode, Dr. Bryant defines productivity and burnout, discusses common causes of burnout, and provides 5 key strategies to boost productivity while preventing burnout: master your task list through prioritization tools and focusing on one task at a time; schedule strategically by allocating time for important tasks as well as rest and creativity boosts; regularly recharge through self-care and personal development; and cultivate a supportive environment.


[00:00 – 03:47] – Defining Productivity and Burnout

  • Productivity is doing the right tasks efficiently while maintaining wellbeing

  • Burnout is exhaustion from prolonged stress, hindering performance

  • Symptoms span physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral


[03:48 – 07:09] – Causes of Burnout

  • Pressure to consistently over perform goals and expectations

  • Working long hours and overcommitting responsibilities

  • Perfectionism and fear of mistakes

  • Neglecting self-care practices


[07:10 – 20:14] – 5 Strategies to Boost Productivity

  • Master Your Task List

  • One Task at a Time

  • Schedule Strategically

  • Recharge Regularly

  • Cultivate Support


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Key Quote:

“If you continue to pour from an empty cup, then you’re going to wear yourself out.” – Dr. James Bryant


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