Ep. 132 – From Engineer to Entrepreneur

In this episode, Dr. Bryant shares his personal journey transitioning from a 20-year civil engineering career into launching his own executive coaching and consulting business. He discusses the events leading him to start his company, how problem-solving skills translated to designing his business model, key leadership traits entrepreneurs need, and lessons learned on balancing his career shift.


[00:00 – 06:00] – From Civil Engineer to Entrepreneur

  • 20+ years in engineering research and infrastructure committees
  • Personal development sparked interest in executive coaching
  • Allowed coaching practice to grow while still working
  • Reached tipping point and had to leave job to focus elsewhere


[06:01 – 13:52] – Leveraging Problem-Solving Skills

  • Blueprint business model mirrors engineering problem-solving
  • Analytical skills instrumental in strategic business building
  • Overcame limiting belief I couldn’t balance business and family


[13:53 – 18:43] – Cultivating Key Leadership Traits

  • Effective communication vital for clients and presentations
  • Authenticity, curiosity and focus build connections
  • Helps evolve from technician to multiplier leader


[18:44 – 21:23] – Strategic Career Shift

  • Had months of open conversations with spouse
  • Laid financial runway before resigning
  • Had new contracts lined up before last day of work


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