Ep. 134 – Winning the Workforce War: Building a Company Culture that Sticks

In Part 2 of the series on Winning the Workforce War, Dr. Bryant dives into the crucial role company culture plays in engaging employees, driving performance, and attracting top talent. He defines good and bad cultures, discusses conducting a cultural audit, and shares key initiatives to align values and operations.


[00:00 – 09:42] – Defining Good vs Bad Culture

  • Good culture fosters inclusion, communication and engagement
  • Bad culture features exclusivity and lack of transparency
  • Impacts satisfaction, innovation, efficiency and turnover


[09:43 – 19:15] – Conducting a Cultural Audit

  • Interviews, focus groups, document analysis
  • Survey covers alignment, leadership, growth, environment
  • Tailor statements to company values


[19:16 – 24:54] – Strategic Cultural Alignment

  • Clearly articulate and communicate core values
  • Leadership development embodies values in decisions
  • Recognition programs reward cultural exemplifiers


[24:55 – 30:38] – Integrating Values into Operations

  • Next episode details defining, living, integrating values
  • Values unite workforce and shape identity
  • Explores values role across HR processes


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Key Quote:

“All companies have a culture…The question is not whether you have a culture, but is that culture a product of intentionality or a result of happenstance?” – Dr. James Bryant



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