Ep. 135 – Fueling Growth Through Strong Values: The Key to a Flourishing Company Culture

How can leaders foster a united, empowered workforce that delivers on the company mission? In Part 3 of this series, Dr. Bryant unveils how clearly articulating core principles—and living them out daily—shapes culture and supercharges engagement. From the C-suite to frontline staff, values-driven decisions and interactions signal what an organization truly prioritizes. When values progress from posters on the wall to practices in the hall, they transform teams by linking individual purpose to collective vision. 


[00:00 – 05:16] – Importance of Living Company Values

  • Leaders model values in decisions and interactions
  • Shows values are practical guides, not just aspirational
  • Workforce then delivers services aligned with principles


[05:17 – 09:41] – Example: Refreshing a Company’s Values

  • 20 year old company updates strategic plan and values
  • Surveyed employees at all levels to determine new values
  • Landed on 8 value statements, including safety, integrity, innovation


[09:42 – 15:22] – Integrating Values into Operations

  • Start with finding job candidates whose values align
  • Show values in action during onboarding through stories
  • Develop leadership programs emphasizing leading by values


[15:23 – 19:46] – Closing Segment

  • Clearly articulate current values or refresh if needed
  • Train leaders to role model values in decisions and interactions
  • Recognize employees exemplifying the company’s core values


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Key Quote:

“When leaders consistently model the core values in their actions, decisions, and the way they manage and inspire their teams, it sends a clear message throughout the organization.” – Dr. James Bryant



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