Ep. 73 – Top Five Personal Development Activities You Can Start Doing Today


It’s really important to take that time to provide that valuable inside, for your motivations and your goals, and it will help you recognize those opportunities forward next year” – Dr. James Bryant 


In this episode of  Engineer Your Success, Dr. James Bryant discusses 5 personal development activities to help you achieve success by the end of the year. He notes that those who dream are more likely to be successful than those who don’t, and goes on to say that dreaming is the foundation you use to build your visions in all areas of life. He also recommends taking steps to prepare for success in 2023, including reviewing your past year and setting goals, before actually achieving them. Finally, he advises listeners to practice self-compassion, gratitude, and have dreams big enough to inspire action.


Let’s dive in!


[00:00 – 07:26] 5 Personal Development Activities to Achieve Success by the End of the Year

  •  The top five personal development activities to do by the end of the year are: build your vision, focus on yourself, find blessings in giving, invest in yourself, and have a successful year
  •  These activities can be done in any order
  •  To start the year off right, build your vision and focus on yourself. This will help you set the direction for your future
  •  Find blessings in giving and invest in yourself. Doing these will help you achieve financial stability and success
  •  Have a successful year by focusing on your relationships, finances, spiritual well-being, and mental

[07:26 – 14:53] How to Celebrate Your Successes in 2022

  •  The fourth step in the engineer’s blueprint is to design your plan
  •  You want to build your plan after you have developed your vision and your values
  •  Your goals for 2023 should be identified, and habits should be put in place to help you  achieve them
  •  Celebrating your successes is an important part of leading a happy, fulfilled life

[14:54 – 22:14] 5 Ways to Close Out the Year Strong and Prepare for a Very Successful 2023

  •  To close out the year strong, practice self-compassion
  •  Start a gratitude practice to have a profound effect on well being
  •  Express gratitude on a regular basis to have positive effects on all areas of life
  •  Dream about the future you want to achieve to create motivation and direction

[22:15 – 26:05] Closing Segment

  • Develop your plans for 2023.
  • Connect with James (links below)
  • Parting Notes

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Dreams are one of the most powerful things that we can do in life.” – Dr. James Bryant 


Start a gratitude practice and dream big dreams.” – Dr. James Bryant 


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