Ep. 75 – Unlocking Opportunities to Reach 2023 Goals

You’re gonna put some time limits on them and from those time limits and the things that you are going to actually measure. You’re gonna build habits into your day-to-day life to help you achieve those goals.” – Dr. James Bryant 


In this episode of The Engineer Your Success Podcast, Dr. James Bryant shares how he entered a 10K race to set goals and emphasizes that having a goal after achieving one is key. He also provides tools, tips, and techniques to help business owners achieve success both in business and in life while focusing on topics such as goal setting, overcoming procrastination, time management, communication, leadership and more.

Let’s dive in!

[00:00 – 04:48] Achieve Work-Life Balance and Success in 2023

  • Dr. James Bryant provides tools, tips, and techniques to help achieve success in business and life
  • Wednesday Wins Day: highlighting wins each week on social media
  • Complimentary small group meetings to tackle topics like overcoming procrastination, time management, productivity, communication, and leadership
  • Membership community coming soon

[04:49 – 09:43] Learn from Your Failures and Leverage Your Successes 

  • Look at successes and failures to set the groundwork for tweaking and eliminating what doesn’t work
  • Capture areas that you want to develop goals in
  • Prioritize important goals in categories such as health, relationships, family/friends, spiritual, service, travel, and finance 
  • Set smart goals with time limits and measurements to build habits into day-to-day life
  • Visualize yourself achieving goals to stay motivated

[09:43 – 14:35] Achieve Success in Business and Life with James’ Goals for the Year

  • Monument Avenue UKrops 10K and another 10K planned for later in the year
  • Reduce overall body weight by 10%
  • Decrease percentage of body fat to under 20%
  • Increase maximum run/jog distance without stopping to over 6 miles
  • Break overarching goal into chunks per quarter 
  • Get additional coach training 
  • Read one physical book a month
  • Starting a family book club 
  • Implement one new ideal or reinforce existing practice each month

[14:35 – 17:52] Self Care Goals

  • Self-care goal of picking one day a month to do something that refuels 
  • Show up as whole self, including faith, wherever I go
  • Live out the fruit of the spirit in everyday life
  • Take an epic family adventure and one weekend for a quarter for wife and I to get away
  • Business goals: increase top line revenue, corporate clients, academic institutions, online course, group coaching program, be guest on 50 podcasts
  • Service: continue to serve church and community, consider domestic mission trip, 4 family service projects a year

[17:53 – 19:36] Closing Segment

  • How would I achieve my approach to accomplishing those goals throughout the year
  • Connect with James (links below)
  • Parting Notes

Important Resources to Note:

Tweetable Quotes:

Prioritize the things that are important to you.” – Dr. ames Bryant 

implement one new ideal or reinforce an existing practice.” – Dr. James Bryant

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