Ep. 81 – The Engineers Blueprint for Success your guide to winning at work and home

“You’re gonna determine the habits that you need to incorporate daily, weekly, monthly, the routines that you need to have in your life that will empower you to live the life that you want.” – Dr. James Bryant 

In this episode of Engineer Your Success Podcast, Dr. James Bryant outlines the four-step process of his Engineer’s Blueprint for Success. This blueprint provides tools, tips and techniques to help business owners achieve success in both their work and personal lives. Learn how to build a strong foundation that will lay the groundwork for success, create a plan with habits, routines and support systems, bridge the gap between where you are now and your desired life, and finally execute your plan with intention. Tune into Engineer Your Success now and discover how you can take action today!

Let’s dive in!

[00:00 – 05:02] Opening 

  • Invitation to attend the next Engineer Your Success or Ramp on February 28th from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Topic of discussion is eliminating procrastination
  • Last month’s topic was overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Market research being done on LinkedIn

[05:03 – 07:51] Building Your Vision: From Foundation to Execution

  • Foundation includes values, beliefs, and understanding of self
  • Identifying the ground truth of where you are today
  • Building a plan to bridge the gap between current life and desired life
  • Habits and routines to empower desired life
  • Intention and execution are not the same; need to execute plan for it to be successful

[07:52 – 10:08] Closing Segment

  • Engineer’s Blueprint for Success is a four step process designed to empower you to win at work and at home 
  • Steps include: building your vision, excavating your foundation, building your plan, and executing and keeping momentum 
  • Connect with James (links below)
  • Parting Notes

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Tweetable Quotes:

Elevate your foundation” – Dr. James Bryant 

Intention and execution are not the same thing.” – Dr. James Bryant 

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