Ep. 95 – Chase the Habit Not the Goal (Part 2)

“Start with small changes to build your confidence and familiarity with that new habit, and then focus on the benefits of that change and use positive affirmations to reinforce your new beliefs and in terms of having that identity conflict.” – Dr. James Bryant 


Are you struggling to create new habits or break old ones that are holding you back from success? In this week’s episode of the Engineer Your Success podcast, Dr. James Bryant has got you covered! Join him as he shares practical tools, tips, and techniques to help you engineer your success and achieve balance in all areas of your life. Learn about strategies for creating sustainable habits, including habit stacking, changing your environment, and starting small. Dr. Bryant will also explore common obstacles and challenges that come with forming new habits and offer advice on how to overcome them with positive self-talk, support from others, and focusing on the benefits. Don’t miss out on this enlightening episode.



Let’s dive in!


[00:00 – 04:42] Practice an Attitude of Gratitude

  • Practicing an attitude of gratitude will change outlook on life 
  • Replace or modify the habit loop to make changes


[04:43 – 09:14] Strategies for Creating Sustainable Habits

  • Start small and gradually build on successes 
  • Create sustainable habits for long-term success and wellbeing 
  • Aim for sustained success after achieving goals


[09:15 – 13:50] Overcome Challenges in Habit Formation

  • Common challenges and obstacles in forming a new habit include lack of motivation and discipline, procrastination, and perfectionism/fear of failure 
  • Remind yourself of long-term benefits and think about your future self when making right choices today


[13:51 – 18:39] Overcoming Common Challenges to Successfully Form New Habits

  • Negative mindset can be addressed with positive self-talk and affirmations 
  • Identity conflict can be addressed by reflecting on how new habits align with values and goals 


[18:40 – 20:23] Closing Segment

  • Seek support from others to help gradually incorporate new habits
  • Parting Notes




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Resources Mentioned:

The Power of Habits

Atomic Habits



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Tweetable Quotes:

“Start small and then build on your successes.” – Dr. James Bryant 


“The key to successful habit formation is consistency. Not perfection.” – Dr. James Bryant 


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