Ep. 96 – From Trying to Thriving: 6 Simple Steps to Reach Your Next Level

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of achieving your highest potential and living a life you truly love? Join us in this episode as Dr. James Bryant reveals six powerful steps to take you from trying to Thriving. Dive into the captivating conversation centered around the profound distinction between trying and training, and how deliberate training can pave the way for lasting success. Discover how to apply these principles in your daily life, from setting goals and creating structured plans to establishing checkpoints, assessing progress, seeking mentorship, and focusing on inputs. Get ready to unlock your potential, achieve your desired outcomes, and transition from trying to thriving. Don’t miss this invaluable resource that will propel you toward your highest potential! Are you ready to win at work and at home?



Let’s dive in!


[00:00 – 06:35] Opening Segment

  • Recap of past few weeks focused on “Chase the habit and not the goal”
  • Today’s episode: From Trying to Thriving – Six Simple Steps to Reach Your Next Level
  • Upcoming Topics for the Engineer Your Success On-Ramp Session


[06:36 – 13:11] Learn the Difference Between Trying and Training to Achieve Long-Term Success

  • Overview of the book, The Power to Change: Mastering the Habits that Matter Most
  • Habits, not hope, are what bring transformation 
  • Relying on God’s power can help achieve habits 
  • Training provides a path for long-term success and mastery


[13:12 – 19:54] From Trying to Thriving

  • Training is a deliberate, consistent effort over time with the intent to achieve a desired outcome
  • Identify goals and objectives to focus on what matters most 


[19:55 – 23:55] Closing Segment

  • Develop a structure plan for progress
  • Parting Notes


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The Power to Change: Mastering the Habits That Matter Most: https://a.co/d/7Xdr7U5



Tweetable Quotes:

“Focus on what matters most to you.” – Dr. James Bryant 


“The key to successful habit formation is consistency. Not perfection.” – Dr. James Bryant 

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