Apr 05, 2022

Akyiaa is a multi-passionate person who has never fit neatly into any one box. She is an engineer, entrepreneur, author, mentor, educator, and changemaker. When people ask why she does all that she does, she asks, “why not?”

Let’s dive into today’s show!

[00:01 – 13:13] Opening Segment

  • Akyiaa is a multifaceted person!
    • Engineers will be learning a lot from her today
  • How Akyiaa became who she is today
    • What hooked Akyiaa to like Engineering as a child
    • Akyiaa always felt she belong
  • What Akyiaa does for her current projects
    • “This can’t be life”

[13:14 – 21:40] Akyiaa lives with no regrets

  • When people tie money to success
    • What drives Akyiaa to push forward and do her best
    • Akyiaa’s definition of success
  • An unbelievable commute story
    • Going to a completely different direction
    • A fulfilling life achieved

[21:41 – 36:29] Akyiaa’s company

  • When Akyiaa’s dreams were taken away from her
  • Going for the plunge
    • Akyiaa’s firm was built
    • How Akyiaa sustained herself
  • Akyiaa’s teaching journey
    • From homeschooling her kids to tutoring others
  • Getting over limiting beliefs

[36:30 – 47:20] Closing Segment

  • Defining who you really are and what you want to do
  • Akyiaa gives us a few success principles
    • You’re the only opinion that matters
  • Parting Notes

Connect to Akyiaa by shooting her an email at akyiaa@civilinfrastructureconsultants.com and follow her on LinkedIn.  Don’t forget to check out their website, https://www.civilinfrastructureconsultants.com/ and grab a copy of Akyiaa’s children’s books available at Amazon.

Resources Mentioned: 

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