One of the best ways for us to teach gratitude is to apply it in our life.” – Dr. James Bryant 


In this episode of Engineer Your Success, James Bryant shares his story of how he found success in both his professional and personal life. He discusses the importance of balancing work and personal life, and how entrepreneurship was always on the list of things to pursue but he never felt ready due to other commitments he had. In 2018, after years of hesitation, Dr. Bryant decided to launch his own podcast and has been successful thus far. His clients have seen positive changes in their lives, including increased happiness, better physical health, less fatigue, and greater resiliency. This podcast provides tools, tips, and techniques that can help businesses succeed by building a thriving family business with great marketing that actually works.


Let’s dive in!


[00:01 – 06:50] Making Moves

[06:51 – 19:13] How to Cultivate Gratitude and Improve Your Life

[19:14 – 32:40] Closing Segment


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You know, you can look at the day and this is what has happened and what you’re grateful for, but you can also anticipate those things that you’re gonna be grateful for.” – Dr. James Bryant 

Remember that you are a person first, regardless of the role that you play in your career or your company. And I always like to say that engineers are people too. ” – Dr. James Bryant


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