Ep. 128 – How to Challenge Hidden Beliefs to Become a Better Leader

Do you have hidden beliefs that could be sabotaging your leadership effectiveness? In this episode, Dr. Bryant exposes limiting assumptions we may not even realize are shaping our behaviors. He asks, what if you viewed leadership decisions through an empowering lens like “unwavering faith in your team’s capabilities” – how would your choices change? Dr. Bryant provides concrete steps to replace limiting assumptions with empowering ones to become better leaders – not just technically but also by inspiring fulfillment in our teams.


[00:00 – 05:17] – The nature and influence of hidden beliefs

  • Hidden beliefs operate below conscious awareness but drive behaviors
  • Can either limit or empower leadership effectiveness
  • Live what you actually believe, not what you think you believe


[05:18 – 10:28] – How beliefs shape actions and leadership

  • Beliefs drive actions more than conscious thoughts
  • Limiting beliefs hinder goals, empowering beliefs enable them
  • Leader’s beliefs manifest in team behaviors and culture


[10:29 – 15:22] – Identifying and challenging hidden beliefs

  • Being self-reflective and open to scrutiny is key
  • 10 common limiting beliefs that hinder leadership
  • Facing consequences of not challenging hidden beliefs


[15:23 – 26:14] – Approaches to transform hidden beliefs

  • Methods to uncover hidden beliefs
  • Ways to counteract limiting narratives
  • Make empowering beliefs daily habits through actions


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Key Quote:


“You live what you believe, not what you think you believe.” – Dr. James Bryant

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