Jun 21, 2022

James Golden got his start within the world of business, consulting, and entrepreneurship at the age of 19. What started as a part-time job has turned into a 23-year career and passion for helping municipalities across the US to save taxpayer dollars, maximize their annual budget and increase the conditions of their roadways.

When he is not advocating for roadway preservation, James enjoys helping others in the constant pursuit of becoming the best version of themselves through his “Good to Golden” podcasting, a personal and group coaching initiative.

[00:00 – 07:46] Opening Segment

  • James shares his story of how he became an engineer and founded a company that provides data-driven solutions for roadway deterioration and improvement.
  • Backstory includes playing baseball in high school and coaching kids, which helped him make connections in the engineering and pavement management spaces.
  • How James took action and became a field employee for a payment management group, eventually becoming the CEO. Through his experiences, he has developed expertise in the field that has helped him succeed in his current career.


[07:46 – 14:31] When you raise your level of awareness, you can see potholes and other issues earlier

  • When you are aware, you can see areas where you want to grow and make course corrections.
  • The trillion-dollar infrastructure bill is for roadways and will only be a band-aid unless preventive maintenance is done.
  • People face the same issues as engineers, just in different areas.
  • Engineers are good communicators to other engineers and people that are in their technical area.


[14:31 – 22:02] How Technology Is Helping Engineers Solve Political Problems

  • Engineers play an important role in the delivery of solutions to problems and can help translate technical solutions into a format that is understandable by those who make decisions.
  • Younger engineers face similar challenges when trying to translate their technical solutions into a format that is understandable by those who make decisions up the food chain.
  • Machine learning can be used to help identify distress in roadways and other infrastructure, and can provide valuable information to those who make decisions about how to best use these resources.


[22:02 – 29:26] Becoming The Best Version of Yourself by Measuring your Success

  • Success is not a one-size fits, and it’s a journey, not a destination.
  • To achieve success, you need to grow in different areas of your life.
  • James has one way to measure success by correlating it to finding the volume of the mass
  • Length x Width x Height
  • Height is your personal development
  • Width is your growing your network
  • Length or Depth is how and where you use this acquired knowledge 
  • You should also be striving for success in all areas of your life.


[29:273 – 33:35] Closing Segment

Learn more about James Golden by visiting his website at jamesgolden.me

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“When your friend is saying, I don’t know why they touched the Mustang. Well, they didn’t touch your Mustang. Your Mustang is in the past, but for someone that’s coming up in the future, their Mustang is in front of them. And that’s what they’re designing this for.” – Dr. James Bryant

“What can be measured, can be improved.” – James Golden

“I think we’ll have to realize that success is not a destination. it’s a journey.” – James Golden



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