Oct 4, 2022

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Kate DiLeo is a brand architect who has partnered with more than 200 organizations to craft brands that bring more prospects to the table, more users who click, and more customers who buy. Kate’s Amazon bestselling book, Muting the Megaphone: Stop Telling Stories and Start Having Conversations. 

[00:31 – 07:12] Opening Segment

  • Kate is a brand strategist and accidental brand strategist.
  • She talks about how the market crashed and she had to get a job to pay off her undergraduate debt.
  • She found a job in sales and recognized the power of delivering a simple, provocative brand pitch.
  • She then transitioned into marketing and worked with a variety of industries, including construction.
  • Engineering construction firms are facing challenges such as the need to meet new people and the shift in leadership and workforce.

[07:12 – 13:55] How to communicate your brand message to both your customers and employees

  • Kate adds that Businesses should know how to be able to communicate their brand message to both their customers and their employees effectively.
    •  in order to maintain a strong presence
    •  and keep customers happy.
  • A brand’s message should be simple, practical, and relevant to the audience.
  • Leading from a place of desperation (i.e. trying to convince the wrong people to buy) will ultimately lead to negative consequences for the company, such as decreased revenue and lost customers.
  • Leading from a place of invitation (i.e. being critical about who you serve and what you offer) will result in more high probability to buy your product.


[13:55 – 20:14] Kate Has Actually Spoken: Tips for Revamping Your Marketing

  • Kate has some advice for those wanting to improve their marketing and messaging.
  • There is a fear of change, but it’s important to overcome this 
    • Focus on what is best for the company.
    • Own your expertise and stand confidently in what you know.
    • Narrow down your target audience and write a message that resonates with them.

[20:15 – 22:25] Closing Segment

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Muting the Megaphone: Stop Telling Stories and Start Having Conversations


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“Even though everybody can buy from you, not everybody will and that is okay. Your revenue generation and growth are hinging upon your ability to niche in and do a dang good job serving one or two groups. Over time, as they buy more from you, other people will notice and they’ll want it. Then you’ll have the revenue to go and talk to those people and build market share.”


  • Kate DiLeo


“Understanding the different words and how you can use those words to really convey the message, connect with people and draw them into having that conversation.”


  •  Dr. James Bryant

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