Oct 18, 2022


Welcome to Engineer Your Success Podcast with Dr. James Bryant! Today we are going to listen to people that shared their vision board from an excerpt from Success on Ramp: Building Vision, with no further ado here, is Dr. James Bryant with Success on Ramp participants, Duron Chandler, Tanisha Pridgen, Sophearay Smith, and Benita Varnardo.

[00:01 – 10:51] What is A Vision Board?

  • Dr. James Bryan discusses the importance of having a vision and how it can help you achieve success in both your personal and professional life.
  • He encourages participants to create a vision board to help them visualize their goals and aspirations.
  • He also discusses the importance of learning and growing, and how having a growth mindset can help you achieve your goals.

[10:52 – 14:50] Duron Chandler’s Vision Board: Multiple Streams of Income

  • Duron has a passion for driving cars and has a collection of expensive cars
  • He has an idea to start a star-gazing tour
  • Duron aims to have an artsy type of project and a gym or luxury goods business
  • Having these goals can give him multiple streams of income

[14:50 – 22:34] Tanisha Pridgen’s Vision Board: Health and Fitness

  • Tanisha has a vision of traveling with her kids all summer.
  • Her short-term goal is to be able to do this by next summer
  • She also aims to attain good fitness and health 
  • She wants a house surrounded by water and is excited about the possibility of owning her own private island.
  • She thinks it’s great that her goal is bringing her joy, and that it will allow her to entertain and have people over.”

[22:34 – 33:34] Sophearay Smith’s Vision Board: God, Investments, Career, and Travel.

  • Sophearay was inspired to create a vision board after watching a church presentation on the topic.
  • She chose to make her vision board public on Instagram so that her friends and family could see it.
  • In her mind, she has some solutions that could be helpful in the C-suite, and she feels like it’s helpful to be right there in the boardroom
  • She has a business plan for a nonprofit called Abby’s Girls that focuses on building up the next generation of young girls
  • She also has project management skills that she would like to use to help with the nonprofits she worked with before
  • Every time she rededicated herself to God and every time she would pray, she would always end up coming to this verse: “God would like, minister to me”, “God has given me over my life” 

[33:34 – 41:08] Benita Varnardo’s Vision Board: Reaching Peace in All Areas of Life

  • Benita is working on her intellectual goals, which she plans to explore more through reading.
  • She is happy taking care of her family and enjoys makeup before and after sessions
  • She has a goal of reaching peace in all areas of her life
  • She is submitting herself to God and working on a new healthcare model
  • She feels called to break free from chains and freedom represents this for her.

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Important Resources to Note:

Tweetable Quotes:

“Always in the center is family and then what I call my core values or the core things that I live around.” – Duron Chandler

“Part of my health goals are eating better, sleeping better, and being more physically active on a routine basis” – Tanisha Pridgen

“When I rededicated myself to God, every time I would pray in the beginning, I would always end up coming to this verse.” – Sophearay Smith

“Today I’m Happy I got up early and did my work, and taking care of my family brings me joy.” – Benita Varnardo

“The vision really should be a stretch between what you think you can easily achieve and something that’s really going to push you” – Dr. James Bryant



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