Welcome Back to Engineer Your Success Podcast with Dr. James Bryant! Susan Young is an award-winning story + speaker coach and the founder of “Get in Front Communications, Inc.” For 22 years, Susan has been teaching entrepreneurs how to boldly tell their stories so they have more visibility, impact, and clients. A former radio news reporter and on-air anchor for 10 years, Susan has interviewed everyone from homeless people to presidents. She also managed the Office of Radio & Television for New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman. In addition, Susan was PR director for a statewide nonprofit. She is also a certified practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming. NLP is the interrelationship between our thoughts, experiences, behavior, and communication. She has been honored as “Entrepreneur of the Year” and is one of the ‘Top 75 Badass Women on Twitter.’ She also facilitates Communication Nation on Facebook. With no further ado, here is Susan Young.


[00:00 – 06:24] Opening Segment

  • Susan Young is an award-winning storyteller and communicator.
  • She talks about not speaking up until she was four years old, and how this led to her developing a different way of communicating.
  • She shares that one of the things that helped her uncover her story was figuring out what she stood for.
  • Susan advises listeners to explore their own stories and figure out what makes them unique, so they can be more confident when speaking in front of others.


[06:24 – 12:22] How to Engineer Your Success: Tips for Building a Thriving Story

  • You can achieve success by embracing your strengths and looking at things from different lengths.
  • It’s important to start with a comprehensive marketing direction and a clear action plan, then get attentive expert help.
  • To be able to engineer your success, you first need to address your story – which can be difficult.


[12:22 – 18:37] How to be a person of excellence: Susan shares success principles from her entrepreneurial journey

  • The key to being a successful communicator is to tell stories that are relatable and memorable.
  • One way to achieve this is to include defining moments from your life in your speeches and presentations.
  • Being a person of excellence includes leaving things as you found them, which can be summed up by the phrase “be a person of excellence.”


[18:37 – 22:42] Closing Segment

  • Engineers are great communicators when they are talking to other engineers, but may have difficulty communicating with others
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Tweetable Quotes:

“There’s this story that we tell ourselves that may or may not be true, but it’s all in how we’re interpreting that information in those life events and how we’re framing it.” – Dr. James Bryant

“Be tenacious even when you’re tired stay with it… stay with it.”
– Susan Young


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