Ep. 74 – Year End Review: The best way to Prepare for a Successful 2023

“So when you get to a point and you're looking at something that you haven't been able to accomplish or something that you fell short, I want you to see those as opportunities.” - Dr. James Bryant    In this episode of Engineer Your Success...

So when you get to a point and you’re looking at something that you haven’t been able to accomplish or something that you fell short, I want you to see those as opportunities.” – Dr. James Bryant 


In this episode of The Engineer Your Success Podcast, Dr. James Bryant discusses the importance of doing a year in review and how it can help you achieve success both professionally and personally. He encourages listeners to take the time to reflect on their accomplishments and challenges from the past year, and make decisions based on that information. Doing a year in review can help you achieve clarity about where you stand, set goals for the future, and make better decisions. 


Let’s dive in!


  • [00:00 – 05:24] How to Prepare for a Successful 2023 with a Year in Review
  • The year in review is an important personal development activity that can help you to gain clarity and perspective about your life
  • It should include taking stock of all aspects of your life, including career, business, health, relationships, finances, and giving service
  • Reflection can help you make mindful decisions about how to move forward into the next year with intention, focus, and without frustration

[05:25 – 10:15] Reflect on your year and take action to improve in the future

  • It can be helpful to reflect on your life and goals in order to plan for the future
  • To complete this exercise, you will need some time for reflection, some paper, and a pen
  • Some questions to consider when completing your year in review include: what areas of your life are fulfilling for you, what areas need improvement, and what opportunities you see for growth in the future

[10:15 – 15:12] James shares his biggest failures and how he overcame them to achieve success

  • There may not be an immediate impact, but it is an impact
  • And I define success by winning at work and at home
  • And so I would really encourage you to think about your career, your business, and your health when making decisions about success
  • Any other thing that you can consider to have a successful life is also important.
  • The challenges that you overcame this year will help you grow and learn about yourself
  • Missed opportunities from this past year can be addressed through future planning

[15:13 – 20:10] Closing Segment

  • Develop your goals for 2023.
  • Connect with James (links below)
  • Parting Notes

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Have an open mind to see those as opportunities. Opportunities for you to develop something new.” – Dr. James Bryant 

“Your success is on the other side of failure.” – Dr. James Bryant

Here is a link to a blog post on conducting a year end review


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