Ep. 89 – The Art of Working IN and ON Your Business to Master Growth

Find the right balance between working in the business and on the business, whether it’s delegating, task, implementing a new system, or processes, investing in professional development opportunities for both themselves and for their staff.” – Dr. James Bryant 


As a small business owner, have you ever felt like you’re constantly stuck in the day-to-day grind and struggling to find time for strategic planning? It’s a common challenge many entrepreneurs face. In this episode, we’ll discuss how to strike the right balance between working in and on your business to achieve long-term success. We’ll highlight the importance of focusing on tasks that drive your business forward and the indicators that you may be spending too much time working in your business. You’ll also learn valuable insights from Dr. James and Peter Drucker to actively shape the future of your business. Join us for this crucial conversation and discover the tools to achieve success in both your business and your life.



Let’s dive in!


[00:00 – 04:29] Measuring What Matters

  • The importance of measuring what matters to achieve business goals
  • Evaluating Q1 goals and starting again in Q2 if necessary


[04:29 – 09:42] Balancing Working In and On Your Business: The Key to Long-Term Success

  • Understanding the difference between working in and on the business
  • The importance of balancing both for long-term growth and development
  • Delegating responsibilities and providing oversight when focusing on working on the business


[09:43 – 14:33] The Importance of Working on Your Business

  • The difference between efficiency and effectiveness
  • Focusing on tasks that drive business forward
  • The consequences of failing to delegate tasks


[14:34 – 19:21] Closing Segment

  • Reactive decision making and its impact on personal wellbeing and business success
  • The four-step process for designing a life where you can win at work and home
  • Parting Notes


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Tweetable Quotes:

So working on the business involves strategic planning, setting long-term. Implementing improvements, those improvements that can promote growth and sustainability.” – Dr. James Bryant 

“And so you find yourself sacrificing your personal wellbeing for the sake of the daily operations of your business on a consistent basis. That could be an indication of an issue.” – Dr. James Bryant 

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