Ep. 92 – Do You Really Wanna Win Or Look Good Losing? with Duron Chandler

Meet Duron Chandler, a highly accomplished Project Manager with a successful track record in the software technology industry. With his exceptional skills in Operations Management, Product Sales, Continuous Improvement, and Process/Program Scheduling, Duron is a highly sought-after expert in his field. He has earned a Certificate in Project Management from the University of California, Irvine, which has further honed his exceptional program and project management skills. When he’s not busy managing projects, Duron is a proud husband and father who enjoys investing in real estate. With his strong understanding of the value of success in both personal and professional realms, Duron is a trusted and respected leader in his industry.



Are you tired of feeling stuck in debt and unfulfilled in life? In this episode of Engineer Your Success, guest Duron Chandler shares his journey of taking ownership of his finances and personal growth. From being in debt of $70,000 to becoming a successful project manager and real estate investor, Chandler emphasizes the importance of making a decision to take your dreams seriously, reaching out for help, and finding coaches who can help achieve your goals. He shares his tips on getting intimate with your finances, involving your partner in financial decisions, and being aware of the emotions that come up when you spend money. Tune in to this episode to learn how to transform your life and achieve long-term success both at work and at home.



Let’s dive in!



[00:01 – 07:19] Opening Segment

  • Welcome to the show 
  • Duron Chandler’s realization of being in debt of $70,000 despite good earnings
  • Importance of reaching out for help from coaches or confidants


[07:20 – 14:58] Cutting Out Unnecessary Expenses and Finding Happiness

  • Focus on What Matters
  • Chandler’s cutting out habits like eating out frequently, drinking with friends, buying clothes and shoes


[14:59 – 21:50] Taking Action Steps and Achieving Dreams

  • Recognizing Dreams and Self-Awareness
  • Chandler’s advice for those struggling financially
  • Recognizing dreams and taking action steps to achieve them


[21:51 – 30:14] Closing Segment

  • Self-awareness for tweaking actions for better outcomes
  • Parting Notes



You can connect with Duron Chandler: duron@chandlerprosperitygroup.com


E-mail: chanddu19@gmail.com


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Tweetable Quotes:

“You have to figure out what winning for you is. It’s different for each individual.” – Duron Chandler


“So stripping it down to the studs helped me figure out what made me happy and what I could actually spend my money on that my happiness was connected to.” – Duron Chandler

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