Being Present

There is something about being present in the moment that makes each of us feel very special. You feel the connection when someone else is in tune with you and you also feel like you are making a difference when you are in tune with someone else. Have you ever paid close attention to your surroundings while out at a restaurant? It’s easy to see the people that are being present and those that are distracted by life of their phones. In the cases of couples those that are present have a singular focus on the conversation and it is as if nothing else in the room matters during that time. New friendships, new jobs and most other things that we are in pursuit of help to provide laser focus on being present in our situation. What happens when the “newness” wears off? What happens when we capture what we were pursuing? 

There are these moments when we get comfortable with where we are and what we have and we are no longer in the process of pursuit. We also become desensitized to our inability to be present in the moment.  Life keeps moving forward but it seems as if we are standing still. Being “present” is a conscious active decision and it requires that we make a choice. I choose to be present in this conversation. I choose to be present when spending time with my family. I choose to on my job. I choose to be present with my thoughts. I choose to be present with myself.

Being present with yourself is an important part of your personal development and growth process. You can’t change what you refuse to acknowledge. If you refuse to really think about who you are and who you want to become then it will be hard to change. 

People pursue lots of things in life: relationships, wealth, health, career, house, more money etc. Let’s add to this list the pursuit of being a better you. 


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