Where is the Love?


 There comes a point in life where you have to look at yourself in the mirror (mirror moments) and decide if you like the person that is looking back at you. You absolutely need to love the person that you see in the mirror even if you don’t “like” what you see. You have to get to the point where you can love the person that you see and accept that this is who you are. Accepting who you are is essentially acknowledging the truth of who you are today and who you were in the past. The Loving and Accepting who you are in not a destination but a starting point. We teach the world how to treat us but how we treat ourselves. We signal to the world how to love us by how we love ourselves. Love is more than a feeling it is a choice. 

Regardless of your past, you have a right to be loved. Love starts with you! Love demands action! Forgive yourself for past actions or inaction and embrace who you are today. It’s OK if you don’t like who you see if the mirror because from this day forward you have the power to transform who you are. 

Over the coming weeks we will explore steps that you can take to transform who you are into who you want to be. 

Questions for Journaling. It is important that you take time to be honest with yourself. 

Do you like who you see in the mirror? (Why or Why not?)

What does loving yourself look like to you?

Do you love yourself enough to take the steps to transform yourself from who you are to who you want to be?

What actions can you take over this next week to reaffirm your love to yourself?


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