Matters of Influence

Significance is our ability to impact the lives of other people. A few weeks ago, I recorded a Dreamcatchers podcast episode talking about Better You 4U . We talked about is what happens when you are on the journey to becoming a better you. Transforming who you are has a tremendous effect on those around you. There is a ripple effect and the change in you impacts those closest to you first. So, What lives Have you changed? How Have you positively impacted Those in your closest circle?

Your influence matters!

My 12 year old son called me the other night insistent that we get a nice birthday present for his mom. My wife and I had already decided that we were not going to exchange gifts for our birthdays this year. My son says,” So dad, We’ve talked about getting an Apple Watch, we’ve talked about getting a Fitbit. And I need to know how much money you are willing to spend on a gift for mom.” So we talked about couple dollar figures. And then he says, Well, I want to use $120 and my money to be able to go towards mom’s gift.”

At times my son acts like money grows on trees and never wants to spend his own money on anything! So Why is this particular story important? He understood that giving of himself and his resources for the benefit of someone else was the greatest gift he could give. He made a choice to excerpt control over what he had. He didn’t make any excuses. He identified that this was important to him and he called and sent me text messages until the present was purchased and on the way to be delivered. 

I like to think that my example has influenced my son and his choices but I know for certain that his choice had an impact and influence on me.

Who are you influencing?  Who is influencing you?


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