Oct 11, 2022

Welcome to Engineer Your Success Podcast with Dr. James Bryant! Today we are joined by 

The one and only Sarah Banowetz! Sarah is the Founder and Managing Partner of Banowetz Marketing. Banowetz marketing helps small businesses see that their dreams become reality.  Banowetz marketing is a longtime sponsor of this podcast

[00:31 – 08:51] Entrepreneur Sarah Bandit Shares How Her Ethiopian Influence Shaped Her Career

  • Sarah Banowetz is an entrepreneur and mother of six children. 
  • She credits her Ethiopian influence on who she is today to when she was 12 years old and listened to her parents talk about stories from Ethiopia.
  • Sarah founded Banowetz Marketing, a marketing agency that focuses on small businesses and provides entrepreneurial hustle.
  • Sarah’s story illustrates the importance of starting your own business from the ground up, as it gives you the flexibility and control to do what you love while providing a stable income.

08:51 – 17:14] How Entrepreneurship helps with human flourishing.

  • Sarah Shares how she turned her entity into Sarah Banowetz Photography 
  • Warehouse Auto needed new marketing and Sarah helped to rebrand their company.
  •  Sarah is now a corporate photographer and has nicer equipment than when she started
  • Entrepreneurship helps with human flourishing and Sarah believes this is why it’s important

[17:14 – 25:20] Success Principles for Engineers: Communication Skills

  • Sarah shared that she hired a teacher to help her with marketing
  • Annie and Sarah are working on a program to teach small family businesses how to do marketing and sales themselves, at a tenth of the cost.
  • The success principles that the audience can take away include strong communication skills and being intentional with what you build.

[25:21 – 28:30] Closing Segment

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Resources Mentioned:

Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine

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“You wouldn’t build anything else without intentionality. Everything that engineers build is with intention and a lot of research. So I would just encourage all engineers to be also intentional and do a lot of research around communication, and interpersonal skills.”

– Sarah Banowetz


“The whole concept that the blessings that we receive are not just for us. Some of it is for us, but it’s also for us to be a blessing to other people, and thinking about entrepreneurship from the standpoint of helping to provide human flourishing, I think is again a beautiful concept.”

– Dr. James Bryant



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